Excelsior ReView March 2013

Issue No. 3 | December 2013

Learn how to paint with dandelions and how to pronounce manicotti. Perhaps learn about singing frogs as well. Witness a glorious sunset and behold the ghosts of Elie. Experience the strength in a military bearing and a tribute to a firefighter’s integrity and commitment. All this and more journeys for the mind and heart.

Issue No. 2 | March 2013

Listen to fragile emotional threads tying dream life and waking memories. Smell the fragrant flowers in a photo. See a frog spying on a Naval Nuclear Training command site. Read the farewell poem of an 11 year veteran with 3 combat tours in Iraq. Look into the eyes of a street beggar in Manila. These and more to stimulate your senses and imagination.

Issue No. 1 | September 2012

Enter a virtual world of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Wonder at the eloquence of a jelly fish. Grieve over a mother’s death from cancer. Find out what a galopagoose looks like. Enjoy a heart warming surprise birthday party. Witness a ghostly soldier returning home – all for you to reflect on in our first issue.