Past Issues

Issue No. 4 | June 2014

Discover what a college education can do.

Share the emotion of retirement.

Be swept along the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Witness a softly flowing Moroccan tide pool and the vista of Marblehead Harbor.

Experience the beauty of stained glass leaves and the simple geometric exquisiteness of projection planes.

All this and more for you to enjoy and savor.

Excelsior ReView March 2013

Issue No. 3 | December 2013

Learn how to paint with dandelions and how to pronounce manicotti.

Perhaps learn about singing frogs as well.

Witness a glorious sunset and behold the ghosts of Elie.

Experience the strength in a military bearing and a tribute to a firefighter’s integrity and commitment.

All this and more journeys for the mind and heart.

Issue No. 2 | March 2013

Listen to fragile emotional threads tying dream life and waking memories.

Smell the fragrant flowers in a photo.

See a frog spying on a Naval Nuclear Training command site.

Read the farewell poem of an 11 year veteran with 3 combat tours in Iraq.

Look into the eyes of a street beggar in Manila.

These and more to stimulate your senses and imagination.

Issue No. 1 | September 2012

Enter a virtual world of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Wonder at the eloquence of a jelly fish.

Grieve over a mother’s death from cancer.

Find out what a galopagoose looks like.

Enjoy a heart warming surprise birthday party.

Witness a ghostly soldier returning home.

All for you to reflect on in our first issue.