Submission Requirements

I am sad to inform you that Excelsior ReView, the College’s online art and literature publication, has ceased operations.

ReView was created to highlight the artistic talents of Excelsior College’s global community. From the beginning, the magazine was a passion project, produced entirely by dedicated  volunteers from across the College. We published five handsome online issues!

Unfortunately, as often happens, the core group of founders moved on, workloads shifted, and institutional strategic priorities evolved. It became more difficult to produce the publication on a predictable schedule and to provide the level of quality our readers deserved.

We hoped to create one final issue to publish our most recent submissions. Unfortunately, this proved unrealistic. We do not have the resources to complete one more issue. If you did submit a piece for consideration, we encourage you to seek an alternative publication.

Today is bittersweet. While we are sad to experience the end of the ReView era, we can look back and smile at the ReView’s success over the past few years – and appreciate the creative talents we had the opportunity to share with the world.

Ruth Olmsted
Editor in Chief, Excelsior ReView
Faculty Program Director, School of Liberal Arts